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Hotel near Basilica Sacro Cuore di Gesù

Hotel Noto Hotel is near numerous places of interest. One of these is undoubtedly the Basilica of Sacro Cuore di Gesù. The church, which was completed in 1887, is in the Castro Pretorio district, just 350 metres from the hotel. It can be easily reached on foot along Via Calatafimi towards Via Volturno, Via Volturno and Via Marsala. The church, which was elevated to a minor basilica in 1921, was commissioned by Pope Pius IX.

Construction began in 1870 but was interrupted for the annexation of Rome to the Kingdom of Italy. The work resumed in 1880 thanks solely to the dedication of Don Bosco, who was very attached to these environments.

The basilica has a Renaissance-style façade, a bell tower on which there is a statue of Christ the Redeemer, and interiors divided into three naves, separated by granite columns. In the chapels, you can admire paintings by the Roman painter Andrea Cherubini. The basilica is a pilgrimage destination for religious worshipers also due to the special relationship that Don Bosco built with it. St John Bosco stayed in the building next to the church from 1881 to 1884 and at the back of the basilica, on the occasion of his last trip to Rome, from 30 April to 18 May, 1887. Today this environment, known as "Don Bosco's rooms", has been transformed into a single large room that also contains a chapel and that welcomes numerous worshippers. Within the same space, there is also a large showcase where numerous objects used by the Saint during his stay in Rome are on display.

The "Rooms" can be visited by booking. They are open every day from 9 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 7 pm. The basilica is open to worshippers every day from 6 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 7.30 pm.

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